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WB 15/06/20




  The colour monster goes to school story –


Physical Development

Oh no Colour monster!

How can we help the colour monster to wash his hands before lunch?

Washing your hands is very important can you show me how you wash your hands at home or in school?

Can you find other ways to show Colour Monster how to wash his hands?



Communication and Language

Can you practice using your RWI phonics sounds – Sounding out the sound ‘s’ using the correct rhymes – Let’s see if you can use your pincer grip the write the sound ‘s’

Challenge – Can you think about different words that have the initial ‘s’ in front of them for example SCHOOL, SNACK, STAR etc.

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Starting a new school or coming back to school after the holidays can be very scary and worrying. Don’t worry so was the colour monster!

Everyone has different feelings such as sad, scared, happy, shy, anxious or angry and we all deal with them differently, BUT to help you and the colour monster we are going to make a sensory bottle to help us calm down and relax.



Monster Maths

Can you create and design your very own shape monster using 2D shapes?

You can use playdough and cut out shapes.

I wonder how many eyes your

Being Creative

Draw or paint a picture of what you would like to see in your new class this could be dinosaurs, outfits etc

Please use your imagination!

For example – “I would like to see a big sandpit like the seaside”.


Can you design what would you like your new classroom to look like?