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WB 08/06/20



Goldilocks and the three bears story.

Goldilocks and the three bears sing along


Physical Development

Discuss breakfast foods and why it is important to eat breakfast in the morning. Encourage your child to talk about what they like to eat for breakfast.

Why not make your very own breakfast - this could be toast or porridge just like Goldilocks and the three bears? I wonder what you have for breakfast.


Communication and Language

Can you practice using your RWI phonics sounds – Sounding out the sound ‘b’ using the correct rhymes – Let’s see if you can use your pincer grip the write the sound ‘b’

Challenge – Can you think about different words that have the initial ‘b’ in front of them for example BEAR, BOOT, BABY etc.


Personal Social and Emotional Development

Teddy’s bear picnic!

Enjoy this weather by inviting all your teddy’s and toys to a picnic this could be in your garden, park or inside your house :)

Enjoy this time with your families and siblings by sharing conversations and being kinds to one another.










I wonder if you think the bears from goldilocks’s story




Sorting out objects in your home that are big, medium and small just like in the story – this is could bowl, cups, beds or some toys.

Recognise and identify which objects are big /medium or small.




Learn more about oats and other recipes they can be used in – children may like to make some other oat treats following instructions and recipes such as porridge, flapjacks or biscuits.


Expressive Arts and Design



Characteristics of
Effective Learning