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WB 01/06/20



Communication and Language

Listen to the story commotion in the ocean.

Can you tell your parents who is your favourite sea creature and why it is your favourite?



Physical Development

Make your own fruit kebabs with your favourite fruits. Can you tell your parents why fruit is good for you?



Expressive Arts and Design

Can you listen to this song? See if you can dance to the music. Can you twirl or shake your bodies in time with the music?


Can you draw a picture of a sea creature?

You can draw a jelly fish, a star fish or a shark!

Can you make a rainbow with your name?




Can you make a rainbow with your name?



Can you write your own words that start with the letter 'j'


Make a J for Jelly fish!  




Duplo challenge.

Can you build a tall tower, count how many bricks you have?



Understanding the World

Watch this sea life video!

See if you can tell your parents something about the sea creatures.


Personal Social and Emotional Development

Being helpful.

Can you help your mums and dads do three chores around the house?


Which three will you choose?



Characteristics of Learning

Being willing to ‘have a go’

Being involved and concentrating