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Vjollce Class- Ms Satnarine

Message from Ms Satnarine

Hello Vjollce Class,


I promise I will learn how to say our class name by the time we meet in September. You will be having me as your new year 3 teacher. I am Ms Satnarine and I cannot wait to meet you all.


I hope you are all safe and well and not forgetting to do some learning. Remember you need to keep your brains working so that you will be ready for year 3 in September.

I wonder what your favourite subject is. I am looking forward to finding out all about my class. We are going to have some exciting activities and I know that you will contribute lots and lots to your learning.J


Can you tell me three things that you like …I will tell you mine now and in September when we meet, you can tell me yours? I love chocolates…yum yum! I enjoy playing badminton and I like to read.


Of course reading is so important, it helps me with my writing and spelling, so I know that you will keep reading all the time to make you AMAZING readers and writers.

I am so excited to be your new teacher, Mrs Datta has told me that you are a wonderful class.  We are going to be the best year 3 class! Fun… learning…focused…we can achieve!



Ms Satnarine