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Vermelho Class Ms Connelly

Hello everyone! My name is Miss Connelly and I am going to be your new teacher in September. We also have a fantastic TA in our class who is also very excited to meet you all, her name is Ms Kwakye. You are currently 1 Ekalter, but when you come back in September you will be 2 Vermelho and your new classroom will be based on the Shaftesbury site. I love the word Vermelho, it translates to the colour ‘Red’ in Portuguese!

I know its been a bit of crazy time recently and things have changed but I promise you when you come back in September we will do our best as a class to help each other and have as much fun as we can while learning. We have lots of new and exciting lessons all ready for you all when you arrive back and I feel over the moon that I get to teach you all these amazing subjects! I will always listen to you and do my very best to help you when you are finding something tricky. I want you all to know that you can tell and share anything with me and I will always be there to guide you, respect you and listen to you. I am very bubbly and very keen to get the best out of you all. But there can only be ONE Vermelho class and we are on a quest to be the best!! Which means lots of bronze, silver and gold awards! Lots of reading champion certificates and most important lots of strong pieces of work and laughs 😊

While I’ve been teaching at Gascoigne, some of my favourite subjects include Reading, Science, Art, Geography and PSHE! I’ am looking forward to hearing the subjects you most enjoy and why.

I hope you all have an amazing Summer holidays, you all deserve a relaxing and fun time. You have all worked very hard and I know this because Miss Hagger has told me so! I look forward to hearing about your Summer and what you got up to. I have set myself a few tasks and one of them is to redecorate my bedroom before September, maybe you could set yourself a task? Could be to read a new book, practice your writing or learn how to bake something tasty. Maybe I can take a before and after picture of my room and show you when we are altogether!  I hope you all come back keen, focused and ready to start a new Autumn term.

Goshhhh! There is so much to say to you all and so many new faces and names to learn so very soon! I will not tell you everything about me because when I meet you, you will not have any questions for me! Don’t be shy or nervous we are all going to look after each other and try our best!

I cannot wait, I can barely hold in my excitement! I will see you in September

WOOP WOOP! Vermelho Class – September 2020.

Lots of Love Miss Connelly xxx