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Vermelho Class

To my lovely, bright, ambitious and beautiful Vermelho Class…


I don’t know where to start, when I was told by Ms Stainsby that I was going to be your class teacher I was beyond excited, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and begin! Although our time together was cut short I’ am very fond of each and everyone of you and I will truly cherish the memories that we made together.


I remember initially being a little bit nervous, but as I began to teach and get to know you all, you all reassured me that everything would be ok and for that I will be forever grateful. It’s always so lovely when you meet a bunch of keen children and you made my teaching days so incredibly special.


You were all born to shine and shining is what you will continue to do as you venture on to year 3. Remember to dream big, because you can be and do anything you set your mind too, so reach for the stars! Always try your very best, never be afraid to ask for help and always help others.


I wish you all nothing but the best in your education, I know you will all be fantastic. You have all been amazing and from the bottom of my heart I am so thankful for all your hard work and dedication to your learning. I’d also like to take the time to thank your parents for being so welcoming and supportive during this difficult time, it has been an absolute pleasure teaching and learning with your child.


Take care Vermelho, I hope to see you one day very soon but for now, be safe, be happy and keep smiling.


One of my favourite quotes that I go by is,

“In a world where you can be anything, just be kind”


Lots of love always,

Miss Connelly