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Tuesday's Learning


Good afternoon Year 1,

It's Ms Jawaher againsmiley. I hope you enjoyed the challenges that was set today. Why not look back and re-read your writing, to check for the key writing tools, such as:

  •  neat handwriting
  •  capital letters
  •  finger spaces
  •  correct punctuation (full stops and exclamation marks)
  • adjectives to describe your fantasy pet’s appearance and personality.


Re-reading our writing is a key skill for writers as it makes us edit our sentences so it’s more readable to our readers.


We're sure you've made changes to make your writing even better. Give yourself a pat on the back for your beautiful piece of writing.


In our previous Maths lessons, we found using comparative language for weights a bit tricky.  How did you find it this time? Did you use the correct vocabulary when comparing weights?

It will be great if you could share a video of yourself on your activity with us.

We’re looking forward to this. Have a good evening!



Hello Year 1,

It's Ms Jawaher smiley! I hope you are all ready for another day of amazing learning.

Today you will need to follow the time table and complete the tasks that have been set. We can't wait to read all about your imaginary pets. Use your magical vocabulary  to write a mesmerising description of your fantasy pet. We are eager to read your writing with our hoccus poccus wands and a magical dust on our imaginative minds. 

Wait a minute... what are we doing in Maths today? Remember when  we learned to weigh different objects  in school? Now is your chance to show your family how well you can measure and compare weights.

Get your weighing equipment ready as you have a task to complete!

Make sure you check the examples that we have shown you if you are finding it challenging, but most of all ask your parents to email us if you need further support. I'll check on you later in the day. Have fun!