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Tuesday's Learning

Good afternoon Year One! laugh


I'm back, just like I promised I would be. How did you find today's learning? 


Did you manage to tell us your opinion of the story of Jabuti and the Tortoise? I love the story because of all the fantastic bright illustrations that show us just how beautiful and exotic the Amazon rainforest is. I can't wait to see your opinions on SeeSaw. 


How about maths? I know partitioning can be tricky, but I hope you persevered and worked hard in order to achieve your goal. 


Make sure you send all of your work into SeeSaw so your teacher can see what you've been up to. And don't forget to be completing book reviews, as the winner will be announced Friday afternoon. 


Now I hope you take the rest of the afternoon to rest, spend some time with family and relax. Make sure you stay safe and look after your brains. 


Lots of love and see you all soon!

Miss Hagger 


Hi Year 1, I missed chatting to you all over half-term. How was the first day back learning? Hope it wasn't too much of a shock to your system. laugh

We've now started our fab new topic all about Brazil - Rio de Vida! If I close my eyes and imagine really hard, I can imagine I'm in Brazil with all this gorgeous weather we're having. 

I hope you enjoyed the new story. Jabuti gets up to all sorts of adventures, I'm interested to know how you felt about it today and find out your opinion. 

Today in maths, you are going to be partitioning numbers. Get your mathematical thinking caps ready! 

You have science today as well and you're going to be looking at the four seasons. I wonder what season we're in now? 

Remember to keep moving - it's good for your body and your mind, as well as being super fun. 

Make sure you keep posting your learning on to seesaw … we all look forward to seeing your learning and replying to you. We love seeing it. heart

I will check back with you later on … in the meantime happy learning!

Miss Hagger smiley