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Tuesday's Learning

Hello again Year One!


How did you get on today? Did you find it tricky or super-duper easy? (I hope it was a tiny bit tricky, then we know we’re challenging you just right).


I’ve had a busy day with the other teachers getting all the learning ready for the next few days. We’ve got some exciting learning coming up, so keep your enthusiasm high!


I hope you’ve all been keeping in touch with each other and continuing to smile. I got a message from my dad today, sending me a picture of my dog who lives with them. I haven’t seen him for a while, so it’s nice to get pictures of him. It’s just like when you guys send me your learning in on Seesaw! It makes me so happy to see that you're all learning and working hard, even though we miss you all so much!

Would you like to see the picture of my dog, Chip? He looks super cosy cuddled up with his teddies. Perhaps you could spend some time building a den in your houses, just like Chip! (Just make sure you tidy it all up afterwards).

How did you get on with the literacy? Were you able to write an amazingly descriptive piece of writing about fire engines?  Perhaps you could get a red pen (just like how we do it in school) and edit some of your work. That would be great!


I hope the maths wasn’t too tricky. We thought it would be the right level of challenge for your brainboxes. Did you figure out that finding quarters is the same as halving and halving again? You’ll be noticing halves and quarters of shapes everywhere you go now!


Just a little reminder as to how FAB you all really are. Learning at home isn’t easy and things are a little bit strange and weird at the moment. You are all doing absolutely fantastic! And we want to give an extra little well done to all the family at home who are helping you with your learning! If we could give you all gold stars, we will, but I don’t think Ms Preston’s tea party would fit that many parents in there (and I’m hoping I can get some leftover cake left for ME)


Remember to be kind to yourselves and to your brains. You are working so hard so make sure you get up and give yourselves a break every half hour or so.

We all miss you and hope to see you soon!


Lots of love,

Miss Hagger


Good morning Year One!

How are you? Hope you are having a lovely week?


I’m SUPER excited because I’m going into school tomorrow to work with some children. So I thought I’d use today to say a HUGE hello to all of the superstar Year One children who I don’t get to see. I am missing you all SO MUCH. I even thought about putting on my grape costume again from World Book Day to remind me of all the lovely smiles I got from you all that day! (I think I'd look a bit silly... I wonder if Mrs Coffie and Mrs Jean-Baptiste would dress up with me?)



Speaking of smiles, reading all of your work on SeeSaw is making my heart smile too. heart You are all working so hard and I am super-duper proud of you all. It’s not easy to work from home, even the teachers and adults are struggling! You are doing so well.


Today, we have a few more challenges to keep your brains ticking and learning muscles working. In literacy today, you are going to be describing a fire engine! I think there is even a virtual tour of a fire engine, where you get to have a look round the inside of one!! It’s SO cool! We have our beady teacher eyes looking for excellent handwriting with beautifully formed ascenders and descenders. (Not just in writing, but all of your work!). Here's a little reminder:



In maths, we are going to push those clever little brains of yours. We want to see if you can find quarters of a shape. Remember, that 4 quarters make 1 whole and there’s some fun colouring to do as well, so it can’t be that bad!laugh


I’m eagerly waiting on SeeSaw to see how E Kalter class get on and I know Mrs Coffie, Mrs Jawaher, Mrs Begum, Ms Satnarine and Mrs Jean-Baptiste are all excited to see your learning too! (I’m still a little bit jealous I can’t see the rest of year ones learning, maybe I’ll have to ask them to send me some fantastic examples to show on the website!)


Best of luck today guys. Stay safe and look after yourselves. Remember, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and tired  - use your words and take a break. Our brains can get tired too!


Lots of love,

Miss Hagger