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Tuesday's Learning

Hello Year 1laugh

How has your day been? I hope you were able to get through your learning with ease and you attempted all the challenges. Your teachers are so proud of how you strive to achieve the best in your learning. We're all delighted about your effort. Well done! 

We've received a lot of in-depth book reviews today and this tells me you're taking into consideration all the next steps of learning we've been sharing with you.

How did you get on with your Science activity? Did you sing my favourite song about the body? Do you remember which part of the body is related to each of the senses? I'm sure you've learnt a lot about your body as it needs care and nurturing for it to function properly. 

Your halving in maths is getting better each day and I always want you to lead your learning by investigating how you can halve objects and quantity equally. Maybe, you can try halving other objects this afternoon if you haven't done so already and share your learning outcomes with us on Seesaw.


I'm sure you've made changes to your writing and  your sentences are better . Well done for being great authors. 

We have a lot to go through tomorrow, so I'll leave you now so you can take a break and play some games or cook with your family.

Hey, have an early night so you feel refreshed tomorrow.

Stay safe and sending you lots of loveheart


Bye for now!


Mrs Coffie





Good morning Year 1laugh

It's Mrs Coffie here and I'm smiling because I feel very excited about posting a message for you today, as I miss all of you so much.

I hope you're all well and keeping safe with your families. I've seen all the wonderful learning you've been sharing with your teachers on Seesaw and they're incredible. You've really challenged yourselves beyond limits and your teachers are very proud of you. 

 I hope you've all been keeping to your daily routine as it's very important to maintain this, because it will help you to be more calm and focused during the day.


Well done to you all for meeting your Reading targets last week! I can see you're challenging yourselves by reading more books and writing reviews about them each day. I would like to ask that when answering your comprehension questions (book reviews), you challenge yourselves by extending your sentences with conjunctions such as 'and' and 'because.' Remember, that as soon as you use the conjunction 'because,' an explanation has to follow. You can always refer to the book that you're reading to help you write your thoughts. Please give detail explanations to questions asked as this shows us that you've understood what you've read.


When was the last time you visited Purple mash?  If you haven't done so lately, then, get your account login ready as your maths task on halving is ready for you to complete in your 2Dos folder. Please remember to save your learning as your teachers will be checking how you got on with your task in the course of the day.


As part of your science task, you'll be singing one of my favourite songs. I learnt this song when I was young and it always reminded me of the names of my body parts. To challenge you in your science activity, you can write about some of the things you can do with your body parts after naming them.


I've realised that your writing is getting better each day, but we still need to work a bit more on your handwriting and spelling. So, your writing task is to re-read your non- chronological report and check if all your writing tools have been used properly and also if your sentences have got key information about your hero or heroine.

I believe you've been visiting Yumu, TT Rockstar and Mymaths each day to complete your learning too. If you haven't, then, try to do so because there are  a lot of fun activities set for you to explore.

As you go through your day, please remember to take brain breaks, eat lots of fruits and also drink a lot of water as it's getting hot because Mr Sun is out!


Enjoy your learning Year 1 and send us a message if you need support with any of your learning. I'll check on you later in the day. Have fun!


Lots of loveheart