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Tuesday's Learning

Good afternoon Year 1laugh,

What a beautiful day it is today! I'm sure you've been able to complete your activities with the support of your family and teachers, as I've received some brilliant learning from Blue class children. 

I'm so impressed with your 'grouping-sharing' activity outcomes, especially how you've explain your working out. 


Do you remember the sound of the day? How many words could you make from this sound? Why don't you use your new words to write some sentences? I'm sure your teachers would love to read them.

Your sentence composition is getting better each day, with most of your letters formed correctly, and even some of you are beginning to join. Well done! However, some of you still need to be careful when forming your upper cases and lower cases.

So, look at your handwriting in all your competed tasks, and make it better.

How did you get on with your science investigation? Which material did you find most suitable for your superhero cape?  I hope you performed the scientist floss dance! Please add your written outcomes with your pictures and send them to your teachers on seesaw for it to be celebrated.


We've received some amazing book reviews and we'll be saving them on the celebration page. Please continue to read because books will open your minds to new things.


Oooops, it's been a very busy fun day, and I believe you need another brain break. Maybe you can play a game with your family now...but remember to read a bedtime story before you go to sleep.


Bye for nowyes


Lots of love,

Mrs Coffie.




Good morning Year 1, 

It's Mrs Coffie here laugh.

I hope you're all well and staying safe with your families. All your teachers are well and I believe you've been interacting with them on Seesaw.


I'm so delighted about your positive attitude towards your learning and the smile you put on your teachers' faces daily. You know what? You're brilliant!yes 

Yesterday you started compiling facts about a non-chronological report on Mary Seacole and I admired all the efforts you put into your writing, especially your neat presentation and formation of letters.

Today, you will continue with learning about the features of a non-chronological report. I can't wait to read about what you find out.


In your Maths activity, you'll continue to share quantities and write related sentences. I love the practical Maths, where you use objects to show how you've worked out your problems and how you've arrived at your answers. So, remember to show the strategies used because it helps your teachers to understand your learning better.


Oh I forgot, I'm wearing a cape!...but what's my cape made of? Do you know how it feels to wear this cape? Oh I'm going to make changes to my cape to help me fly better! 

What about you? Have you been trying to fly with your cape? How easy is it? Well, Scientists always make changes to their inventions to get a better result. So, that's exactly what you're going to do today in your science activity!


Ah, remember to complete your SPaG, Phonics and Spelling activities as you always do, because you need this knowledge to help you write good sentences, but, remember to take a brain break because it will help you to remain focused.


I believe you are in the race to be this week's Reading Champion. Remember, 'Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body' by Richard Steele.

As you exercise each day with PE teacher Joe Wicks, so should you read each day. So, log into Bug Club Active Primary and keep.....READING!


Hey, email or send us a message on Seesaw if you're unsure about your learning and we'll be happy to support.


Try your best in all your given tasks and I'll be back at 3:00pm to check on you!


Have fun!!!