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Tuesday's Learning

Good Afternoon Year 1,


It's Ms Jawaher againlaugh! Ever so missing your lovely smiles. 

How was your day? We hope the learning wasn't too tricky today as we're aware you’re all working so hard!  


It is so amazing to read about the life of someone else, but, we learn so much from another persons life. What have you learned from the biography of Mary Seacole?


How did you find Maths? Were you able to count objects and group them into equal groups?

I am so proud of you all for putting your best in your learning today. If you have not sent it to us, please do email them so we can share and celebrate. 


Have a nice early night to make sure you're fresh and ready for tomorrow.







Good morning Year 1, 

It's Ms Jawaher herelaugh


What a lovely morning it is! I bet you can not wait to find out more about Mary Seacole, so I won’t hold you on for too long, but do remember to use what you know about biographies to help you with your task today. As you are learning about biographies, I got myself a biography to read as-well; its about a world leader called Nelson Mandela. Now, as always, remember to use your neatest handwriting (ascenders and descenders) when completing your learning and remember to re-read and edit. 


The magic word is,  back in town.. *drumroll*.... EQUAL!

 I know how well you know what this means, so it is time to show that fabulous understanding when completing your Maths learning today.


Ohhh ...I just looked at your science activity. It is SO exciting!  You are going on a material investigation, so get those lab coats ready and put on that scientist hat and let’s get this enquiry started.

Please email us if you need support.


 Have a good day!