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Tuesday's Learning

Good afternoon Year 1,


It's Mrs Coffie again smiley

I believe you've made good use of your time today enjoying all the fun learning.

How did you get on with your Science activity? I can't wait to see your photos and read your diaries.


Did you remember to time yourselves doing your favourite activities? I did! I started cooking lemon chicken at exactly 12 o'clock and I finished at 1 o'clock. Can you calculate my time duration? Just whisper it to me.


How did you get on with being an author? Did you have to write, re-write, read and re-read the begining of your stories? 

I'm sure you added all the writing tools into the beginning part of the story. Oh the imaginary scenes! Are they vibrant enough? Would they appeal to an audience? I hope your illustrations are in the style of Christopher Corr (Deep in the Woods).


I'm sure you've made a great start and I'm looking forward to reading your stories.


 Remember to time yourselves when helping in the kitchen this evening as well and also stay safe (kitchen safety rules).


Have a good evening!




Good morning Year 1,

It's Mrs Coffie heresmiley

I hope you and your families are well and keeping safe!

Your teachers are all keeping safe and missing you!

In your letter to Fred last week, a lot of you said you hope the school would be re-opened soon as you are missing your friends and teachers.

We’re also hoping for the same but, remember every cloud has a silver lining and the current situation will pass.


I’ve been looking at your learning and it looks fabulous. Well done for all your hard work!

What other things have you been up to? Have you been cooking with your family, playing games or just watching films together?


Today’s Maths activity is about 'time duration or interval.' You would have to time yourself whilst doing your favourite activities; that is start and finish times. Then, measure how long you spend on each activity. I’m sure this would be really fun as you’ll have to use your wise owl, elephant and guard dog through this activity.

When you take a break, still time yourself from the start to finish, then record as well.

If this activity is a bit challenging for you, please email us because we're only a stone throw away.


 In your writing activity, you have to wear your author’s hat and grab your writing tool box because you have to write the beginning of your story. My favourite part would be the illustrations. I can’t wait to see the imaginary scenes and vibrant colours!


In Science, you’ll plant your bean seed and begin to care for it. What would you do for your bean to grow better? What do plants need to grow? 


I'll check on you in the afternoon, but for now let's visit BUG CLUB and start reading!