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Tuesday's Learning

Afternoon Message

Good afternoon Year 4!


We hope that you have had another day of amazing learning. Have you learnt any new words today with your reading challenge and can you put it into a sentence?

How did you find your Maths lesson today? Can you write a sentence explaining what you learnt today about tenths and hundredths?


Did you manage to identify all the syllables in the Haiku poems? By now you should be able to identify all the features of a Haiku poem so can you explain to someone at home what a Haiku poem?


You can use Mymaths or to consolidate or go over today’s Maths lesson if there was anything that you were unsure of. There are many other online resources that your parents may be able to access to help you as well.

Don’t forget to keep practising your times tables with TTRockstars on a daily basis. Have a go at the soundcheck to challenge yourself daily.


Remember to try and keep in a daily routine as much as possible e.g. going to bed early, getting up at a regular time and eating breakfast which will then set you up so that you are able to complete the daily activities and tasks assigned to Year 4.

Hope you have a restful evening.


Miss Shum and Year 4 Team


Morning Message


Good morning Year 4 and welcome to another day of fantastic learning! 


To get your energy levels up and your brain into gear for another day of learning, remember to start your day with a physical workout with the body coach, Joe Wicks.  You must be having lots of fun doing this with other members of your family every morning!  Also, don’t forget to get your brain into thinking mode with the daily PSHE lesson that you can do with your family as well. 

Your Maths lesson today involves hundredths and tenths and you will have to use your subject knowledge of decimals and fractions to help you.  Remember that you can always listen to the video more than once to help you with understanding and completion of today’s activity.

What do you know about syllables?  You can use your phonics knowledge to help you with your literacy lesson today.  Have fun trying out the activities on the video link - everyone in your household can get involved with this activity.

Easter is a special time of year for some families.  Your RE lesson can help you and your family think about how you celebrate Easter at home.  For those of you who do not celebrate Easter, why do you think it is such a special time of year for some families? Is there a special celebration around this time of year that you enjoy with your family?

Just a reminder that there are also other activities available on TTRockstars and Mymaths that can help you consolidate your learning.  You can also keep up with your reading skills by using Bug Club and don’t forget to complete your reading activity with the comprehension questions that are available with the books you have been assigned.

Have a great day!

Miss Shum and Year 4 team

Literacy- Lesson 2