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Tuesday's Learning

Good afternoon Year One,  


How did you get on with the learning today? I hope you had loads of fun!  


How did you find the maths? The children in school did really well finding quarter past on the clocks, and were able to recognise that it was 15 minutes into each hour. Did you notice that too?  


We hope you’ve been enjoying the story as well – even though it is a slightly sad one. Did you manage to define the word refugee? Sadly, this sort of thing happens a lot in our world so it’s important we extend love and a welcoming hand to people who have been through this.  


How did your experiment go today? Did you enjoy using chocolate (I’m officially jealous)! Be sure to send in lots of pictures, including the results of your experiments.  


We can’t wait to see all of your learning uploaded to SeeSaw at the end of today. We haven’t got many lessons left this year now, so let’s keep the hard work up for one more week!  


This will be my last daily message this year, so I just wanted to say how lovely it has been to teach all of you this year. You have been a FANTASTIC year one cohort, and I can’t wait to see you all blossom and shine in year 2 with your lovely new teachers. If you see me around next year, please give me a super big wave and a lovely dazzling smile as I’ve missed them (and you) so so much.  


Lots of love Year One, proud of you all!  

Miss Hagger  

Good morning Year One!! blush


It's Miss Hagger here. How are you all? Can you believe we're in the last week of school? This year has gone so fast. (They do say time flies when you're having fun wink)


Today you have some really cool activities to work through. First of all have a look at your reading, SPaG and handwriting challenges. These are always good to start the day with, as they get your brain ready and warmed up for all the work you're about to do. 🧠


Then head over to the writing page and have a look at the activity for today. This has been a really interesting story for me to read, as it made me feel sad. I've never had a book make me feel sad before... but it just shows how powerful books are. Today you are going to be learning a new word, about something that happens to a lot of people in our world. Have a look at the page and make sure you talk through with an adult if it makes you feel sad or worried. 👩‍👧


Then you need to head over to the PSHE page and read through the activity. You're going to be looking at the word 'peace' and how you can show this in your actions every day. The story we're looking at might really help you with this one... 📚


After that, head on over to the maths page because today we are continuing with our work on clocks and telling the time. Today you're going to be learning how to tell the time to quarter past the hour. When we were back in school altogether, school used to finish at quarter past 3! Do you remember that? I wonder if you can spot quarter past on the clock today in real-time? ⌚


Lastly, you also need to check out the science page - and you're going to want to save this one to the last because it's super exciting! Today, you're going to be doing some cool experiments. And they might even involve CHOCOLATE. I'm so excited!! 🍩🎂🍫


We hope you have fun today with the learning guys! Work hard and try your best. Don't forget to send in your learning on SeeSaw. We're super proud of every single one of you. 🤩


I'll be back to check on you this afternoon. 

Lots of love, 

Miss Hagger 

heart x