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Tuesday's Learning

Hi Year One, how was your day? laugh


It's Miss Hagger back again to check on you and see how you got on. Did you enjoy the activities today? 


How did you get on with your story? Did you manage to write an interesting beginning with all the necessary writing ingredients? Have you checked back through for capital letters, full stops and finger spaces?


Did you manage to complete the maths work? Half-past can be tricky, but I know you're all clever clogs deep down and were able to wrap your brains around it. 


Did you enjoy making your carnival handbag? Did you use the materials you originally planned too or did you change it as you went along? I'd love to see the pictures - make sure you send them in on SeeSaw so we can see!


Well done for working hard. Super proud of all of you. 

Lots of love,

Miss Hagger 


Good Morning Year One, and happy Tuesday! laugh


It's Miss Hagger here! All of the teachers have been busy this week back in school with some of you, and then missing the rest of you lots and lots. I hope you're keeping safe and working hard. 


How did you find the learning yesterday? Did you manage to plan out your story? Have you thought of a cool title for it? I'm still thinking of a title for mine... 


Today you have LOADS of cool stuff planned and I can't wait for you to have a go! 


In writing today, it's time to become an author! We would like you to have a go at becoming an author! That's right... it's time to start writing the story! But don't worry, we only want you to focus on the beginning for now.


In maths we are continuing with our work on time and in particular, looking at half past. The children in school worked really hard with this and we hope you managed to wrap your brains around it too. Remember, it's called half past because it goes past the hour. Look at which number the hour hand has gone past, and it'll give you a clue to the time. 


There is also a really cool science lesson today! You get to make your carnival handbag! Make sure you think about all the ideas you had from your last science lesson and use as much colour and decoration you can to match how bright and exciting the carnival would be! 


Don't forget to complete the SPaG, spellings and reading activities as well! We post these on the website every day, because practise makes perfect. Especially seeing as reading champion is up for grabs again this week! Take a look at the reading champions page if you'd like to be in the running.. 


I can't wait for you to send in all your work to your teachers so we get to see all of your fabulous learning. We miss you all loads and are so super proud of you all. Keep it up superstars! 


Lots of love, 

Miss Hagger 

heart x