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Tuesday's Learning

Good afternoon Year One,

I'm smiling and excited.....who could it be?....Mrs Coffielaugh

I've had a brilliant day and I'm sure you have as well. Have you managed to complete all your set tasks for today? Don't worry if you haven't since you can use your afternoon to do this and share your best learning with your class teachers on seesaw. I saw some of the amazing materials you selected for your costumes and I really liked them, as they looked colourful and will look good on your costume. 

Some of you sketched and even made your costumes. How impressive! You also wrote some good reflections on your choice of materials and I was overjoyed to read about how you felt about your choices. Your challenge is to read through your sentences and ensure that you've added all your writing tools.


I enjoyed the maths activities this morning as I was able to share some important days, such as my date of birth and wedding date with some of the children who were in school. We looked at these dates on the calendar and challenged ourselves further to find out which months were before and after.


What did you learn about being 'Patient?' I learnt that I always have to WAIT for my turn when speaking in a group and this is helpful as I could think through what I wanted to say. As you go through the week, I want you to practise being patient, then share how it makes you feel or your experiences with you class teachers.


Fantastic Year Ones, I'll leave you now to carry on with your afternoon tasks, but remember to take a break and relax so your brains are recharged and ready for tomorrow's activities.

....and hey, have an early night and keep to your bedtime routine....remember to read a bedtime story before going to sleep!


Lots of loveheart





Good morning Wonderful Year Ones,

You are our superheroes and we miss you so much! Mrs Coffie is doing great and I believe you and your family are well and safe. I guess you know who's here now.'s Mrs Coffie.laugh


It's a beautiful morning and I can hear birds chirping in my backyard. I'm sure they're reminding me to hurry for work and I look forward to seeing all of you with a big smile in school today.


Now let's go through your timetable and check for the order of your learning.

First, you'll log on to BUG club and complete your daily reading including your BUG quiz. We'll be checking on your activity report, so try to complete all your reading comprehension activities before closing your book.


After reading, take a break to recharge your brains by joining PE teacher Joe wicks for your daily exercises. You can share some of your feelings after your exercises with your teachers on seesaw. 

By the way have you been joining in with the daily RWI lessons on Youtube? I hope you're enjoying the sessions as I am. Please pay attention to how the sounds are pronounced as it's important that we say the sounds correctly. You can even make different words using your sound of the day and share with your class teacher.


Did you notice that I've been ordering events for my morning? I've used my maths learning from yesterday in today's learning and if you're able to do this,it shows you're a great learner.

I'm just being curious....which month is your birthday? My birthday is in May. Which month comes before and after May? If you have a calendar at home, you can use it to help you work this out. .......oh! keep your calendar close to you as you need it for today's maths activities.


I heard that Malaika and her grandma are busy making their costumes for the carnival. I'm sure they'll be excited to know that you're planning to make your costume too. 

As SUPER SCIENTISTS, you'll test different materials and chose the best to make your costume. When you've selected your materials, you'll have to pause and reflect on why you made those choices. 

You'll even challenge yourselves further by writing your reflections as part of your writing activity. You can write about what you like and dislike about your choice of materials and maybe add what you think your choice of material could be.


After your writing activity, we'll like you to practise your daily spelling and discuss your PSHE topic on 'Patience' with your family.


It seems you really have a fun filled day ahead so, I'll leave you to start your learning and I'll check on you later in the afternoon.