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Tuesday's Learning

Good afternoon Year Onelaugh

It's Mrs Coffie....I'm back!

I believe you've had a fruitful day and have shared your quality pieces of learning with your teachers. Well done for the great effort! I hope you remembered to take a break as the weather is very hot and we all need a cooling off time.


I enjoyed the maths activity, but found giving change with specific coins very tricky. I'm sure you managed to work this out as you're very clever. 


How did you get on with your writing?  Malaika will be surprised about your speech bubble writing as you composed good sentences about her facial expression. Now, go back and re-read your speech bubbles, check for capital letters, spelling and full stops. You can always make your speech bubble better and share again with your class teacher.


How did you get on with your food planting SUPER SCIENTISTS? I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your growing plants. Remember to care for your it so it grows better.


Guess what, I made a friendship soup with my daughter today and it was delicious! Our favourite ingredient was LOVE and I blow this ingredient to all of you because you always put a smile on my face.


I have to leave you now so I can visit the park with my family and I hope you do the same. Oh...remember to put some sun cream on, wear your sunglasses and hat and grab a bottle of water as Mr Sun is shining brightly and the weather is very warm.


Have fun and remember to have an early night so you feel fresh and ready for school tomorrow.


Lots of loveheart






Hello Marvellous Year One,

It's Mrs Coffie herelaugh

What a beautiful Tuesday! The day is bright and I can see Mr Sun brightening every corner of your lives. I feel overjoyed because the weather is warm, all the flowers are blossoming and the day length is long. So, I get to do a lot of things before the sun goes down. Oops! I haven't checked on your wellbeing this morning. I'm sure you're all doing well as your teachers have been sharing your brilliant learning and are very impressed with your attitude.

We have prepared a fun packed learning activities for today and you'll start off by logging on to BUG Club to complete your reading. Please get your dictionaries ready to search for the meaning of some of the new words you find tricky, so you get a better understanding of what you read. Learning new words can also help you with your sentence composition and writing, so don't just read them! Look up for their meaning!

You'll have to join Joe Wicks for your daily exercises straight after reading to improve your wellbeing. You need a glass of water to drink during the lesson to help keep your body hydrated so you can perform at your highest level.

Have you had the chance recently to visit the shops? How much money did your parent spend? What kind of money did they use to make payment? Were they given any change? 


Today, your teachers have been so kind by giving you money to spend in a shop. You'll have to pay for items bought and collect your change. Your change may come in different coins and you need your knowledge of coin recognition to help you work out the correct change. If you find this tricky, send a message to your teacher on seesaw to help you.


Tuesdays are always extra special because we get to be SUPER SCIENTIST! What would you be investigating today? Shhhhhhh....this is for your eyes only, so open your science folder and you'll find out!


I have a lot of friends and I care about them very much, but there are times where we disagree on certain issues. Do you think I should break up with them? You'll find out more as you learn about Friendship today in your PSHE lesson.


What did I forget?...... Writing! The text of the week-Malaika's costume reminds me so much of my country of origin and some of the things I did with my grandma when I was a child. Special occasions always called for special clothing and I loved wearing floral costumes. Whenever my outfit preparation was delayed, it made me feel very unhappy. Just like Malaika, her costume is delayed and she's showing her feelings in different ways. You'll have the opportunity to use all your writing tools to create speech bubbles and share with your class teachers on seesaw.


I'll have to hurry to school now, so I can meet your friends who will be coming to school today. We look forward to discussing your learning on Seesaw and I'll check on you this afternoon.




Lots of loveheart