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Tuesday's Learning

Good afternoon Amazing Pupils,

I'm back....who could it be? It's Mrs Coffie and I'm still missing you.laugh

What a beautiful sunny day! I've got my sunglasses on to protect my eyes from the harsh sun rays and I'll like to remind you to do the same as you step out as the sun is scorching! Oh...and wear your hat and put some sun cream on to protect your skin.


Have you thought about some of the ways you can appreciate your friends, family and even teachers? I think it's important to respect other people's talents, opinions and even how they look and we can appreciate them by respecting and valuing who they are.


I found matching smaller notes to bigger notes very tricky in maths today, however, I used my knowledge of counting in 5s and 10s to help me. I'm sure you found out that four £5 =£20. This is how I worked it out: £5+£5+£5+£5+£20. I even challenged myself by using my times table, that is, £5x4= £20. Maybe you can try another way of working this out and share your ideas with your teachers.


How did you get on with your story maps? Did you remember to write labels, captions and simple sentences to match your pictures. It's very important to do this, so kindly check your writing and make it better if you haven't done so already.


I believe you've been SUPERB scientists today as I've seen some of your great learning. My favourite plant (food) is spinach. I love to add spinach to my salad as it's crunchy and delicious and it has a lot of vitamins. What did you find out about plants as food? 


I think you've had a very productive learning day and you all need a brain break. So, I'll leave you to have fun with your families and I hope to see you all soon.

Remember to keep.....READING...the more you read, the more you learn, the more you learn, the more you know!


Oops...try to go to bed early so you feel refreshed and ready for your new day and drink lots of water so you do not get dehydrated.




Lots of loveheart







Good morning Year 1,

Guess who is here.....Mrs Coffielaugh

I'm really missing you and I believe you're all keeping safe. Your teachers are very impressed with your learning effort and and all your wonderful stories you've been sharing on seesaw. Happy birthday to all the children who have celebrated their birthdays during this lockdown period. We'll sing a lovely celebration song for you when we see you. 


Your teachers have prepared some brilliant learning for you today and I'll go straight into it. You will begin your day by visiting BUG club and reading your allocated books. Remember to complete your BUG quiz as you read along.


After your reading session, you'll have to join in with PE teacher 'Joe Wicks' for your daily exercise. I love taking part in this exercise routine as it helps prepare me for my day. Do you feel the same too?


In maths, you'll be working with your parents where you'll ask their permission to investigate the different money (notes) in their wallets, purses or even your piggy bank. Once you get an understanding of the value of each note, you can challenge yourself by making amounts using different notes. for example, £5+ £5=£10. 


I believe you've enjoyed reading the text of the week- Jabuti the tortoise. Can you remember the author? Who were the characters? What happened in the story? I'm sure you can share events in the story with your teacher by creating a simple story map and posting it on seesaw.


Guess what? You get to be a scientist today! Yes!

You'll be investigating the different plants that we eat. I'm sure this would be easy for you as you've been helping your family to prepare meals in the kitchen a lot.


Do you know your teachers appreciate you so much? We appreciate your differences and also the unique things that makes you special. In your PSHE session, you'll be looking at what appreciation is and ways you can show appreciation towards your friends, family and even teachers.


Remember to try your best in all your tasks and share your learning with your teacher on seesaw. 


 I'll leave you to dive into reading now and I'll check on you in the afternoon.



Lots of loveheart