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Tuesday's Learning

I’m back … how did you get on with your learning today? I’ve been busy in school teaching and learning with some of your friends.

We can’t wait to see all the questions that you asked Jabuti. Did you manage to get mum or dad to pretend to be Jabuti and ask them questions? Did your big brother or sister get involve pretending to be Jabuti?

I hope you are gaining greater understanding of ‘Tens’ and ‘Ones’ as we are making sure you are getting many opportunities to grasp this concept so I hope today’s learning has been good.

Did you go out and explore the weather? What senses did you use to do that?  How was the weather today and have you recorded it on your chart? I love the hot sunny weather because as you know Ms Satnarine loves the heat and hates being coldJ

I know you are going to keep on practising your handwriting and I believe your year 2 teachers will be so impressed. They will also be amazed at your grammar learning because you have really worked hard on it. I hope you enjoyed learning more about tenses as we can’t wait to see you using it correctly in your writing.

Year 1, you are doing marvellous learning … keep it up!

Ms Satnarine x



Hello Year 1, Rise and shine and happy learning todayJ

Joe Wicks is ready for us to do our daily exercise to get those heart rate going and our brains flowing… did you like my rhyming words?

I have never seen Rio 2 the film and I watched it at the weekend … It so reminded me of the story of Jabuti. It has parrots and lots of colourful animals and it is set in the Amazon rainforest.  I hope you are enjoying the story of Jabuti and you have found out quite a bit about him. Wouldn’t you like to ask him some questions?  What would you like to ask him? Maybe you want to know how he learned to play music.

Numbers… numbers… and more numbers, are we recognising our numbers? Yes we are! You will continue to use tens and ones comparing numbers in different ways so keep up the great maths!

Ooh it’s a bit nippy today don’t you agree? In science it’s all about investigating the weather. What do you think the weather will be like tomorrow?  I do hope it will get warmer in a few days.

I have seen some lovely handwriting but we need to see much more …so keep practising those letter sizes and ascender and descender letters. SPaG is all about tenses and that can be a tricky concept but I know you are trying really hard to understand and conquer it in your writing.

I’m off to do some teaching and learning too and I will be back later.

Happy learning to you all…bye for now Ms Satnarine x