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Tuesday 9th June

Good afternoon Year 3!


I hope you all had a great day and enjoyed today’s learning and activities.

How many of you have already shared your fantastic learning with your teachers? I hope you all remembered to self-mark your answers before uploading it on Seesaw? How did you get on with your answers?


Remember to continue your learning by logging on to: My Maths, TTRockStars and Bug Club.

Reading…Reading …Reading

Please ensure you are reading for at least 30 minutes every day. This could be your school reading book, a home book, Bug Club or any other text you enjoy.

I know some of the amazing children in my class have been sending me videos of themselves reading …WOW. I’ve been very impressed with the huge progress of their reading skills. I hope you all continue to practise and improve your reading skills every day!


If you go outdoors please stay safe, make sure you always follow the guidelines on social distancing and washing your hands to protect yourselves and the others.


Have a great week !

Mrs Stanciu ( VIOLET Class)

Good morning Year 3!

I hope you and your families are safe and well.


Thank you to all children who are completing and sharing their amazing daily home learning with their teachers on Seesaw.

You are doing a brilliant job and Year 3 teachers are very proud of you all! WELL DONE!!!

Are you all ready for another fantastic day of home learning? I know you are so let’s get started.


Today’s home learning looks like this:

First thing is PE, a very exciting Yoga exercise for you all, an adventure about a tiny, young T-Rex who learns about looking after his teeth! I hope you’ll enjoy it.


In Writing, you are going to create and add your own diagram to your explanation text about the water cycle. Diagram is a very important feature of explanation texts as it helps the reader to visualise and understand the process better. Make sure your diagram is clear and accurate.


In Maths today, you will need to complete some more work on equivalent fractions. I know many children have found this easy peasy so I bet all of you will get all answers correct this time! Remember to self-mark your answers before uploading it on Seesaw.


In SPaG, you are going to be learning about proper nouns. Proper nouns name a particular person (Mrs Stanciu), particular place (United Kingdom) or particular object (Cheerios). Proper nouns are written with capital letters regardless of where they appear in a sentence.


In Reading today, you will need to complete a comprehension activity based on a fable called ‘The Fable of the two doves ‘. A fable is a type of story which shows something in life, may teach a lesson or suggest a moral from it. Don’t forget to identify any new words and unknown vocabulary and find the definitions before answering to questions. Use a dictionary to support you with this or even ask your adults for the meaning of the new words.


Science today… It’s all about plants …you will have to explore the requirements of plants for life and growth. Good luck with this!


I hope you’ll enjoy today’s learning and you will find it engaging and challenging.


I will be back in the afternoon.


Have a wonderful day!

From Mrs Stanciu (VIOLET Class)