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Tuesday 5th May

Important - Use Seesaw to speak and share your learning with your teacher!



Download the Seesaw Class app via your app store. Use your 12-digit personal text code.

Your child can then share their learning with their teacher and receive feedback.

This opportunity is available for pupils in all year groups, from Nursery to Year 6

Good afternoon Year 3!


How did you get on with today's to do list? What interesting facts have you learnt so far? Which subjects are you enjoying the most? Below are the answers /reflections for today's activities.


Today's Do list



Today you should have written your own introduction.

Make sure your intro includes descriptive language and is in the past tense. 

Have you used different sentence openers/adverbials?

Please re-check your spellings.



How did you do in today's Maths lesson? Adding money is similar to adding with our regular digits. Remember that p and £ can't be used for the same amount. For example  £3.10 + 50p is £3.60 and not £3.60p.

Which questions did you find easier/trickier to complete? You can share your progress with us or your family. 



Answers are now available online.




Answers are now available for the Sun reading comprehension.



What do you think is the message in today's songs?

Listening to 'Aint no nobody' by Chaka Khan has taught me to reflect and appreciate all the love I receive in my life from my family and friends. I feel that I am loved and treated well-this makes me feel very special about myself.



That's that for today. Make sure you are well rested, in order to start your learning refreshed for tomorrow.


Miss Onyebalu 

(3 Eleyi Ti)

Good morning Year 3!


I just want to say well done to the children who are completing the online activities, we are so proud of you.


Keep it up!


Don't forget to upload pictures of your learning or any other extra curricular activities such as drawings, posters etc, so that we can celebrate your learning (Don't forget to leave your name and your class )


 Today's Do list



Today you will WRITE the INTRODUCTION to your story.


Use the plan you prepared from the previous lesson. Your introduction should be very descriptive. 

Remember to describe what can be heard , seen etc.




Lesson 2 - Add Money. When you get on to the webpage, you have to watch the day's teaching video, then answer the questions on the 'Get the Activity' link and finally check your answers by clicking on the 'Get the Answers' link.




In today’s lesson, you will continue to practise using prepositions. Again, read through the preposition information to remind you before starting the activity for today. You can use the preposition poster for support.



You will need to complete the Sun comprehension sheet. There is a 1 star challenge and 3 star challenge -choose the one that you are able to confidently complete by yourself.



L3:  Listen and Appraise: 'Ain't Nobody' & 'Are Family' . Afterwards complete, 'Flexible Games track for Bringing us together.


Remember to check back in the afternoon to check your answers or share your learning.


All the best,


Miss Onyebalu 

(3 Eleyi Ti)