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Today in writing, you are going to read the modelled discussion(Plastic should be Banned) text and you are going to identify the features of the text and annotate your copy as you go along. During this process, you are expected to Magpie some good examples of the features – ambitious vocabulary, phrases etc.

How to calculate volume in cubes and cuboids.

Climate Change - The environment for Kids (Updated Version)

Think back to the creatrion stories that you have learned about. Whose responsibility is it to look after the Earth? What changes can you make inorder to ensure that you are looking after the Earth?



assembly of humans -  All of the humans gathered together in King Bersaf's court.

degradation- treating someone with disrespect

whit- a very small part or amount

masses- the common people in society

intrigued- fascinated or interested


Questions to consider


What reason did one of the humans give... "as further proof that we are lords and they are our slaves?"


Why did Parrot compare humans to bees?


Did Hasad (human) think that it was right for King Bersaf to treat Queen Bee as his equal?