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LO: To apply the language and structural features of a diary entry. 

Today you will write out the introductory paragraph and first event of your diary entry on Ashley’s experiences in Ch 3 (independent write up). Using your plan, success criteria and show but don't tell word mat, write out the paragraphs of the diary entry. You should write in detailed descriptive sentences, ensuring emotions/senses are coming through in the writing. Please ensure you refer to the success criteria in your paragraph and you are re-reading your writing, ensuring it is making sense and improving it. 


For Geography, please draw and explain the journey of a river using the key vocabulary from last week's lesson, this lesson's PowerPoint and pupils' example to help you. 


LO: To read simple rhythms. 

In this lesson, we will be exploring a new note and reading more simple rhythms. To access the learning, please use the following link: .