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Introduction to Ratios (What Are Ratios?) | Ratio Examples and Answers

Welcome to an Introduction to Ratios with Mr. J! Need help with ratios? You're in the right place! Whether you're just starting out, or need a quick refresher, this is the video for you if you're wondering, "What are Ratios?". Mr. J will go through ratio examples and answers.

Learning Rationale - Engaging with moral issues…Should Zoos Exist?

Zoos are great, right? You get to be up close and personal with some amazing animals that you'd pretty much never get to see in the wild. Clearly, zoos are a win for people. But when it comes to the animals, zoos might cause more harm than good. Should zoos exist?

The Animals Lawcase Against Humanity

2pm - Independent Learning Answers to spellings will be available at 3pm

After you have completed this lessons, go and check the Homework folder for additional spellings and Handwriting activities. Don't forget to post your work on seesaw.