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LO:  To independently write a narrative using descriptive tools.


SC: I can develop simple sentences using descriptive language.


I can develop my sentences using creative sentence openers.


Remember to use the descriptive tools that you have learnt so far.


Key Vocabulary:

character description, storyboard, similes, expanded noun phrase, list of 3, conjunctions


For today’s task you will continue to write the introduction and the middle part of your story. You should look at the simple sentences written in the previous lesson and develop these into more complex, descriptive sentences.


To get further support for today’s task you can follow the link below.

This session continues to explore colourful semantics as a strategy to support children to combine words to make 4 word sentences.

To begin this lesson, you will start with the ‘In Focus’ task.


Remember to write the column method for subtraction and how regrouping was done for the 10 to ones.


During the Guided Practice, you will be subtracting 2- and 3-digit numbers with renaming.

Follow the link to access online teaching tools to support your learning.



Before you look at the PowerPoint, you are to have a go at answering the following questions about light.


What is light?

Can you list sources of light?

What do you know about light?

What would you like to learn about light?


You are to the complete the first 2 sections of KWL assessment grid (K –what I know, W –what I would like to know, L- what I learnt) before beginning the topic.


Last section to be completed at the end of the unit (end of term).


Key Vocabulary:

light source, light, shadow, reflection, surface, dark, protection, opaque, transparent, translucent, shiny, matt, sunlight, dangerous.