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Go through the text and answer the comprehension questions. Make sure you read the questions carefully and think about them before you answer them. For each question, refer to the text.



LO: To apply the language and structural features of a non-chronological report. 

Today you will be writing your independent piece. You will need to use ensure you have completed your entire writing piece, from your title, introduction, through to conclusion. Please ensure you apply all your grammatical features into your writing. In addition, ensure your writing follows the correct structure of a non-chronological report. You need to ensure your writing has all the elements of Year 6 standard writing, including and not limited to: cohesion, correct use of punctuation, formal language, correctly spelled words and present tense.

Quiet Reading


Read a bug club book-20mins


Go through the  documents and compare the Creation stories. Make notes in your homework books. Compare the Creation stories for the Abrahamic Religions- Christianity, Judaism, Islam. Think about how they are same, similar or different to each other. Use the activity sheet as a guide to help you.


Next, read the Creation Stories for Hinduism and Sikhism. Now that you understand different religious perspectives for creation, let's look at a scientific perspective- 'The Big Bang'.


Questions to think about:


What is the scientific perspective?

How is this the same, similar or different to creation stories?