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Please log on to Bugclub and read a book, answering comprehension questions on them. It is important you are using reading strategies to help pronounce words. When answering questions, remember to use evidence from the text to help you answer the questions. Check your answers are also making sense. 


LO: To plan the opening of the story. 

In this lesson, we will watch the opening of the story and order the key moments. We will plan precise vocabulary for each part, before practising full sentences out loud. Please use the weblink to access the learning:


This week we will be having Maths tests every day. It is important you do the test each day and identify which skills you need help in. After you have identified the skills that you need help in, you can revise these skills using the internet and/or textbooks. 


You need to: 

  • Complete the Arithmetic test attached 

  • Self-mark your work using the answers that have been included 

  • Identify which Maths skills you need help in for these arithmetic tests e.g. division, adding fractions, etc.  

  • Use different resources (internet, workbooks, etc) to revise these skills. 


Possible website suggestions: 


LO: To investigate suffixes: Past and present tense. 

In this lesson, we will be investigating suffixes, past and present tense and set spelling words to learn. To access the learning, please use the weblink:


LO: What is static electricity?

In this lesson, we will be learning all about static electricity. We will learn how static charges occur and what happens when they are discharged. We will also be exploring how to create our own static charges with a balloon! If you have a balloon at home then you can use it for this lesson. If you don't then don't worry, you will still be able to watch the demonstrations and complete the lesson. To access the learning please use the weblink: