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Your learning today is to write a narrative story with focus on character description.  

You need to write a story of your encounter with the Iron Man; 

e.g. it was warm day …..., as I sat beside lake Windermere waiting for that moment when that fish would just take the bait …  Suddenly there was a tremor but this one was different from other ones I’ve heard before. The overcast darkness was different nothing was the same. BOOOM, BOOOM, BOOOM shook the ground. My eyes rolled back in my head, the whites as bright as snow, my heart pounded like a super zonic speed train ....    etc  


You can follow the link below to develop your narrative skills. The link provides activities to support you to work towards using strategies to write your own stories and narratives.

You will start todays learning with the ‘In Focus’ task. Using the digit cards 2, 7, 6 and 9, form a 3-digit number and a 1-digit number. You will then create an addition statement to add.

Look at Holly's addition statement: 692 + 70. When using Base 10 materials and a place-value chart, what happens to the tens when there are more than 9 tens?

After practising addition using all the three methods, compare the 3 numbers – 692, 792 and 297. Use approximation: 692 is about 700, 792 is about 800 and 297 is about 300; then compare 700, 800 and 300. It will be much easier for you to see which number is greatest or smallest using this method.

During Guided Practice, you are performing a similar task to the 'In Focus' activity, with specific criteria around how to use the numbers.

In todays science lesson you will learn about magnets and magnetism. Explore the use of magnets in society.

What do you know about magnets? 

Follow the link below to understand more about magnets and magnetism.


You can also follow the link from Oak Academy to learn what magnets are and test putting magnets together in different ways to see whether the ends are attracted or repelled.


You will then complete the worksheet ( fill in information / keywords / facts about magnets and magnetism.).