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For today's spellings, please watch the following video on past and present suffixes. At the end of the video you will need to write down the 10 words you must learn. Access it by click here.



This week we will be focusing on writing basic sentences and speeding up your writing, ensuring it is neat. Try your best and be honest to yourself. Once you know how to correctly form each letter, you will speed up. To access the video please click here.


Once you have practised the above, use your spelling words for todat to write full sentences - focusing on handwriting.



Complete the grammar activity below. Look through the PowerPoint and attempt the tasks on it first, before  completing the Varied Fluency activity. 


You need to self-select the appropriate level for each activity and then mark your work using the answers in the document.



For today's maths, you need to round numbers to the nearest 10 000  and 100,000 using number lines and bar graphs.   If you need to, please watch the video on the Oak National Academy lesson before completing the activity. The Oak National Academy lesson will show you a video of a teacher demonstrating how to solve similar problems. Access it by clicking here.