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Complete the grammar activity below. Look through the PowerPoint first, then complete the Varied Fluency activity, before moving onto the Application and Reasoning activity. 

You need to self-select the appropriate level for each activity and then mark your work using the answers in the document.


For today's maths, you need to use your division skills to answer the questions below. If you need to, please watch the video on the Oak National Academy lesson before completing the activity. The Oak National Academy lesson will show you a video of a teacher demonstrating how to solve similar problems. Access it by clicking here.


Have a look through the botanical art PowerPoint below to learn more about botanical art. Afterwards, find some plants (in your home, your garden, the park etc.) and create a detailed sketch of your favourite. Of course you can do more than one if you would like to. Try to be as detailed as possible and remember, it is an observational drawing so you need to make sure you are looking at the plant carefully!


Work through the activity sheet below. Don't forget to mark your answers at the end!