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Good afternoon Year 4!

We hope that you had a great day of learning today. 

Did you remember how to tell the difference between the angles that were in today’s Maths lesson?  To challenge yourself you can use the MyMaths website to consolidate your learning with angles.

Let us know how you got on with your storyboard today for Literacy.  You can show your work that you completed today on the Seesaw app.  We look forward to seeing some of your learning and art work this week.  Some of you have done some beautiful still life artwork that you should be very proud of!

Remember to keep up with your reading and use Bug Club on a regular basis.  First News is also available on the school website where you and your family can keep up with current news.  Practise your times tables when you can on the TTRockstars website – there are lots of fun activities to do and why not try doing a soundcheck? 

We hope you have a really wonderful evening with your family.

Miss Shum and Year 4 Team.

Good morning Year 4!

We hope that you had a lovely evening yesterday with your family and did something fun! 

Get your energy levels up for another day of fantastic learning with a P.E. session.  There are plenty of options to choose from to start your day and this is something that your whole family can join in with too.

For your reading session today focus on reading the comprehension provided carefully before you start answering the questions. Remember to give evidence from the text with your answer if required.  If you’re not sure about finding evidence, think about how you got your answer and look for it in the text provided. 

Literacy this week will be focusing on letter writing and rewriting the middle part of the ballad.  For today’s lesson you will need to write sentences using a storyboard.  Look at the images from the power point and the stanza that comes with it and rewrite it in your own words.

For Maths today you will be comparing angles.  We have covered this in school already so hopefully you will be able to recall the information once you have watched the video.

Have a wonderful day of learning!


Miss Shum and Year 4 team.