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Good afternoon Year 4!

We hope that you have given 100% effort with all your lessons today.  Well done to those of you who have completed all your lessons to the best of your ability today. 

Did any of you manage to find an alarm clock to work with or did you use an alarm on a mobile phone?  I wonder if you had a tape measure long enough to measure how far away you could hear the alarm?  What other methods of measurement could you use?  Let us know how you did with this lesson using the Seesaw app.

How did you get on with your SPaG lesson today?  You should be able to use the skills you have learnt so far with to help you with your writing.

We hope you have a really lovely evening and enjoy some family time together.

Miss Shum and Year 4 Team.

Good morning Year 4!

We hope that you had a wonderful evening with your family.

You can start the day with your daily PE session as usual.  There are plenty of exercise routines that you can do instead of Jo Wicks today.  Or you can even go back to previous sessions that Jo Wicks has done before if you have found one that you like to do.  

Have a go at completing all the questions with the reading comprehension in your reading session today.  Remember to read the text and questions carefully before you write down your answer. 

Your literacy lesson today will be focusing on writing your own summary of the first part of the Highwayman.  Look carefully at the images provided for you on the storyboard and the power point before you start writing your summary for each stanza. 

For Science you will also be using your Maths skills with measuring distances.  It looks like it will be a really fun lesson that you can do with your family. 

Enjoy your day of learning!

Miss Shum and Year 4 team.