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Good afternoon Year 4!

Hopefully you will have completed all of today’s activities and enjoyed your day of learning. 

When was the last time that you wrote a letter to someone?  Now that you know the features included with letter writing maybe you can have a go at writing a letter to a member of your family that you haven’t seen for a while or even write a letter to your friends.

You should be getting quite good with your art work with all the practise that you have had with the gradients and shading in your Art lessons from the past few weeks.  There has been some wonderful artwork posted on the Seesaw app and we are looking forward to seeing some of your art work from today’s still life compositions.

Lastly, another reminder to keep up with learning your times tables using the TTRockstars.  If you already know them, as many of you do, you can consolidate your times tables with the fun games and activities in TTRockstars.  Remember to complete the weekly homework activities provided on the Mymaths website to help consolidate your maths knowledge.  

We hope you have a really wonderful evening with your family.

Miss Shum and Year 4 Team.

Good morning Year 4!

We hope that you had a restful evening yesterday and am ready for your day of learning today.

Get ready to start the day with some physical exercise with your family.  We hope that you have found some other ways of keeping fit aside from Jo Wicks as he will only be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from this week!   Let us know what daily exercise you are doing so that we can have a go as well!

For your reading session today why not try reading First News that is available on the school website.  There are some really interesting articles this week that I am sure you and your family can talk about together.

Literacy this week will be focusing on letter writing and understanding the features of an informal letter.  For the second activity you will be looking at how Bess is feeling with the stanzas that you read yesterday.   Once you have read the first stanza, use the emotions word mat that has been provided to help you think about how she is feeling here.  How would you feel if you were in her position?   

Remember to read the instructions carefully for the subjects that you will be doing today before you start on the activities.  For Maths, you can use all the strategies that you have learnt in school to complete activities.  If you are not sure ask a member of your family for some help and maybe teach you some strategies that they know.

Have a fantastic day of learning!

Miss Shum and Year 4 team.