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Good afternoon Year 4!

We hope that you enjoyed today’s learning activities.  Remember you can keep us posted with your home learning that you have been doing by using the Seesaw app.   We are looking forward to seeing your hard work that you have completed today.

Have you taken up any hobbies or learnt anything new since you have been at home? Let us know as it would be wonderful to hear from you.

Just a reminder to keep up with practising your times tables using TTRockstars and remember to complete your reading tasks on Bug Club with answering the questions that come with the book that you are reading.

Hope you have a joyful evening with your family.

Miss Shum and Year 4 Team.

Good morning Year 4!

We hope that you had a wonderful evening spending time with your family and staying safe. There has been some wonderful pieces of Art and DT work that you have posted to us on Seesaw last week.  We seem to have some budding artists in Year 4!  You look as if you have had a great time making the instruments. 

Now you can get ready for today’s learning with some exercise to get your body and brain into gear.  Doing a daily exercise routine is a great activity that you can do with everyone in your household and it keeps you fit as well!

We hope that you are enjoying The Highwayman and getting to understand the story behind the poem.  Today you will be doing a character description of Tim the Ostler.  There is a description of him in the poem that you will have to read carefully and think about what it tells you about Tim.  Look up the meanings of words that you are unsure of to help you before you start writing your character description.

Maths will be focusing on comparing two decimals.  Remember to watch the videos carefully and have a go at all the activities so that you can consolidate your learning for today’s lesson.

Have an enjoyable day of learning!


Miss Shum and Year 4 team.