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Morning Message Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Hello everyone ,

I hope you're all okay and are all ready for a day of learning! It's been incredible to see some of your posts on Seesaw and the wonderful science experiments and other learning you have been doing. Well done to each and every one of you who continue to submit learning.


I've got something to tell you all......I am going to be running in the London Marathon! It was meant to happen back in April but due to the circumstances it has now been moved to October. Do you know how many miles the marathon is? Can anyone research the origins of the marathon and post it to their teacher on Seesaw? 


Have a great day everyone.


Mrs Dushku

Daily Timetable/Activities




'The Ickabog'-JK Rowling


Chapter 2- 'The Ickabog' & Chapter 3 'Death of a Seamstress'


Vocabulary check

Use the internet/dictionary to find the definitions of the following words before you start reading the text. Write the definitions down in your homework book so that you can refer to them when you are reading.













Read Chapter 2- 'The Ickabog' & Chapter 3 'Death of a Seamstress'  from JK Rowling's (author of the Harry Potter series) new book- The Ickabog- (make sure that you take into account the punctuation when reading)


Draw a picture of 'The Ickabog', using the description from the text. JK Rowling has launched a competition and  is encouraging children to draw illustrations for 'The Ickabog' based on each chapter of the text. You can enter your illustration using the following link:


Answer the reading comprehension questions below:

Chapter 2

Why does the author say 'Naturally, as with all legends, it changed a little depending on who was telling it?'

Explain why the descriptions of the Ickabog ( snakelike; wolflike; drgaonish) were so different.

Where did they agree that 'the monster' (the Ickabog) lived?

What information from the text provides evidence that the monster is dangerous to humans?

Was it possible to kill the Ickabog? Yes/No. Explain.

How do we know that the parents were fearful for their children?

Whose information led to Bert Beamish having a nightmare?

How does Mrs Beamish console Bert?

The author finishes the chapter with a question, what effect does this have on the reader?


Chapter 3

Explain the connection (link) between the Beamish family, Dovetail family  and King Fred?

What jobs did the Beamish and Dovetail parents do at the palace?

Why did King Fred insist that he only wanted Mrs Dovetail to finish the purple suit?

Why would King Fred feel guilty about Mrs Dovetail's death? Think about the reaction of the other staff members.

What  did he do to try and feel less guilty?

Why was he shocked at the chief advisor's request for him to go and visit the Dovetails?

Based on the text so far, do you think King Fred will go and visit the Dovetails? Yes/No. Explain using evidence from the text.



Write a character description of 'The Ickabog'. Use evidence from the text (you'll have to use some inference) to identify his appearance; personality and behaviour. Think back to character description you wrote yesterday.  You may also use the ppt (see Monday) support you. Your basic sentence punctuation MUST be accurate.


Complete the daily Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) PE lesson.

Visit his YouTube channel here: 



Visit the BBC Bitesize daily lesson website here (we are no longer using White Rose Maths): Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.You can watch the videos first to help you, then complete the activities and mark them. If you are finding it difficult, use your CGP study guides,  re-watch the videos or look for other online tutorials (Khan Academy and Mathantics are good places to start).



Visit the BBC Bitesize daily lesson website here: writing: Character creation and complex sentences

 You can watch the videos first to help you, then complete the activities and mark them.



Geography - Fossil fuels and renewable energy



Don't forget to practise your spellings!



Choose from one of the following:





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