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Good afternoon Year 4!

We hope that you have had another wonderful day of learning. 

Can you retell the section of the book that you read today in your own words to a member of your family?

How did you find your Maths lesson today? Did you manage to complete the questions and understand what a decimal point represents?

Remember to use the Mymaths website to complete weekly homework tasks that have been set.  You can also use this website to help you with practising the topics that are being covered this week.  If you want to challenge yourself why not have a go at the other areas in Maths that you know about.

Don’t forget to keep practising your times tables with TTRockstars on a daily basis. 

Hope you have a lovely evening.

Good morning Year 4!


Welcome back to school! We hope that you enjoyed your Easter break and are feeling refreshed and ready for learning.

When you have finished one of the books assigned for you on Bug Club please don’t forget to complete the comprehension questions that are available for the book you are reading at the moment.

We hope you are enjoying your daily PE sessions with Jo Wicks, the Body Coach.  Why not ask members of your family to join in with you to make it even more fun? 

Your Maths lesson today involves decimals.  What does a decimal represent?   Remember to use your knowledge of place value to help you with today’s task.

With RE today you will be focusing on the Learning Objective: Who influences our life?  To help you with this think about members of your family or even groups of people who have had an impact on your life e.g. your siblings or a footballer, actor etc.


Have a great day!

Miss Shum and Year 4 team