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Good Afternoon Everybody!

Hello it is me again smiley. Your brains must be tired and full of knowledge after today's fun day of learning. The answers are now up for reading and writing. For Maths, why don't you try and use a calculator to solve the answers? For Grammar your answers will vary and Science, you can too research your answers online on what the pictures should look like. 


Now I did promise you all with a puzzle..are you ready? 

Your task is to try and name all the cartoons represented in the picture below. Have fun!


Miss Bhudia 


Joe Wicks is back for another week to motivate us for our love for PE. Please subscribe to his YouTube channel below to take part in his live PE lessons from 9-9.30am. Remember it is important to stay fit and active even though you are indoors.

Good Morning Everybody!

Good morning Year 5, 

Hope you are all well and enjoying your time at home and the learning on the website.

Please see today's activities on the website page and email me if you have any issues.

I will be back at 3pm with some answers to your learning and maybe an exciting puzzle for you all to complete :).  Carry on being the amazing, hardworking children you are!


See you later laugh 

Miss Bhudia