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Tuesday 30th June

Qaylah from Purple class

Good afternoon everybody!


I hope you all had a lovely day and didn't let the sad weather bring you down!


I have very much enjoyed seeing some of the home learning from my class today and I know that all the other year 3 teachers are enjoying lots of the home learning they are receiving. 


Make sure you share your acrostic poems with your teacher and maybe ask them if they could share it with the rest of your class on Seesaw.


How did you get on with describing 2D shapes? It's maybe a lot more challenging than many of you thought it would be but you will learn from your challenges so well done!


Your teacher would also love to hear and see what you did from your PSHE lesson today because as I mentioned in my morning message, you are all the leaders of the future and you can make a difference for the better!


Have a wonderful evening year 3 and sleep well so that you are ready for Wednesday's learning tomorrow!

Mr Hollingsworth (Purple class)

Good morning year 3!


I hope you had a nice start to your week yesterday and are ready for another day of home learning.

Remember to keep reminding yourself that you're are doing a great job because I know it can sometimes be very difficult to learn from home so well done to you all smiley's learning looks like this;

Start you day off with writing your acrostic poems. I have loved reading your limericks and your kennings poems so I am very excited to read your acrostics today.


Moving on to Maths, you will be learning about how to recognise and describe 2D shapes. You will find out, what exactly is a triangle and what is an open and closed shape?


You will be continuing with adverbials phrases in SPaG today.


A fantastic story you will be reading in Reading today which you may know already. You will be testing your comprehension skills for Alice In Wonderland!


A slight change in the timetable today. Music will be moving to next week now and has been replaced by a very interesting PSHE lesson. As you are all the citizens and leaders of the future, you will be looking at how you can get involved in politics.


I can't wait to see all your home learning and I know every year 3 teacher especially cannot wait to read your acrostic poems today!


Have a wonderful day everybody

Mr Hollingsworth (Purple Class)