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Tuesday 24th March

Good afternoon Year 3.


I hope you have enjoyed the learning today and found it challenging. 


For the Maths extension, the answers are now available! You would have needed to draw the problem using labelled lines representing each length and then followed the problem step by step to calculate the answer. For number 2, you needed to use your knowledge of conversion between units of length (cm and m) and for the first part of number 3, you needed to use division. Remember 1 metre=100 cm.


Wasn’t that an amazing Geography lesson? You had a chance to learn about the similarities and differences of the human and physical features of Britain and Italy. I’m sure you really engaged with the learning and it would be great to hear about any extra home learning you have been doing about this topic. 


A note about reading on BugClub; all the Year 3 teachers are eagerly checking that their class children are reading the books you have been set. You are in competition with other children in your class and I would like to see all of you reading many more books so that your name climbs up the Reading Champions board.


Also, don't forget to check out Mr Hollingsworth doing his morning P.E lesson with Joe Wicks on the 'Celebrating Our Learning' page!


Well done to you for completing your lessons and we hope you have a good evening.

Mrs Johal (Guduud class)

Good morning Year 3!


I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s learning.

Thank you to the children who have emailed in their amazing learning from yesterday. You can see these now in our 'Celebrating Our Learning' page on this weeks home learning page! However, we would love to add even more of your learning so please keep sharing with us! (Don't forget to leave your name and your class  )


Today, we have another day of fantastic lessons lined up for you. You will need to follow the time table and complete the tasks that have been set for you. Remember to take your breaks too. We cannot wait to read your cold write diary entry.

For maths, you will need to carefully check the pictures before calculating your answers of the lengths.

Use good presentation in all of your work, all of the time.

If you have any problems, then feel free to email us on


I hope you have a lovely day of learning.

Mrs Johal (Guduud Class)