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Tuesday 21st April

Good Afternoon Year 3!


Well done to all of you for completing your tasks today! How did it go? I’m sure you are all back on track again smiley


In SPaG you learnt how to use inverted commas / speech marks. Now you’ll be able to show direct speech in your writing to show us your character is talking!

How did you find Maths today? Are you getting more confident on those equivalent fractions?

In Writing, did you find key words or sentences as evidence that the story is a myth? Did you draw a picture from your favourite myth? Why not send it in?

In Reading, how was your learning on Greece? Do you remember the name of its capital city? Was it plotted on the map you looked at today? How many facts about Greece are you able to recall now?

In Geography, do you remember the four key points of Greece’s geography?

Finally, don’t forget to check your answers on your learning today!


Thank you to those of you for sending your work to us – we are all very proud of your Home School Learning. You really are doing a great job smiley Don’t forget to continue to submit more and more of your learning to us – we love to see them and I’m sure your friends do too!! laugh


Keep well and safe, have a lovely and restful evening. We’ll be back tomorrow at 9:00am smiley


Very best wishes to you and all your family.


Mrs Choudhury

(Roxo Class)

Hello again Year 3!


I hope you are all well and really looking forward to Day 2 of your Home School Learning!!


So, it’s Tuesday and I’m pretty sure your all excited about starting your day with P.E. with Joe Wicks smiley


You will then have Writing, Maths, SPaG, Reading and Geography. In Writing you’ll begin to understand features of Greek Myths. In Maths you’ll continue your learning on equivalent fractions (White Rose). In SPaG you will be learning about direct speech. In Reading its non-fiction comprehension on facts about Greece. And finally, in Geography today, you are going to study the physical Geography of Greece.


Remember Year 3, to take regular breaks and do a few stretching and breathing exercises to help re-energise yourselves. And don’t forget if you have any questions, please email on


I hope you have lots of fun with your learning today and don’t forget to come back to this page at 3:00pm!! Our Year Group Leader, Mr. Hollingsworth will upload the answers for you all.


I’ll also return at three PM too! Until then, keep well and enjoy learning!


Mrs. Choudhury

(Roxo Class)