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Good Afternoon, Year 5,

Hope your learning has been going well. Today has been another beautiful day with much learning that has been happening. Together, Gascoigne, alongside the rest of the country, are persevering. As promised, we will be looking at answering some of the questions you may be unsure of. Please check the page where today's learning was on, as there are now additional links with answers for reading, maths and SPAG. 


For writing, here is a possible example model:

                                                                                                            12th August 1943

Dear Diary,

Astonishing, magical and unbelievable. That's how I can describe today. Almost as unbelievable as a folk story. Honestly, to think Lucy was telling the truth about Narnia! I've experienced a whirlwind of emotions today, from the initial shock of discovering Narnia, to meeting the Queen of Narnia and now, to plan how to return again. So many things have happened and there is so much to do. To think, I could potentially be King! I bet Susan and Peter will make things immensely difficult, but I know what to do. Truly, I have so much to tell you.


For those who are still working on their geography, don't forget, this can be continued for homework if you ran out of time. The answers will be available for you to check when you are ready. 


Please remember to carry out your homework by logging on to:  My Maths, TT Rockstars or Bug Club. Well done to all the students who have been logging in! Your teachers will be monitoring this closely. Ensure you are also reading everyday for 30mins and filling in your Reading Records. 


Remember it also important to have regular brain breaks. Please ensure you are treating the weekdays as school days and you are going to sleep at a sensible time, ready to be awake for another fun day of learning.


If you are unsure, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Have a lovely evening,

Ms Begum.

Celebrations- please send Miss Bhudia examples of your great learning to be featured on the page



Joe Wicks is back to motivate us for our love for PE. Please subscribe to his YouTube channel below to take part in his live PE lessons from 9-9.30am. Remember it is important to stay fit and active even though you are indoors.

Good morning Year 5,

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are well and ready for another day of valuable learning. Well done for getting through yesterday's work - now let's do some more. To start of the day, you will be doing a spot of exercise with Joe Wicks via his YouTube channel/ blog link on your timetable. Remember, this is vital exercise to keep us fit, wherever we are. 


You will then complete your reading tasks, including answering comprehension questions. Some of you may have read chapter 5 but please take this opportunity to refresh your memory by re-reading the chapter. Ensure you have understood the vocabulary and do search up any tricky words you are unsure of. Remember to follow test technique skills and underline and annotate keywords from the questions if you don't understand them. Also, remember to scan the text and find the keywords from the questions to help you find the correct evidence in the text. I will go through some of the tricky questions and answers at 3pm.


For Maths, you will be ordering numbers up to three decimal points. Please do draw out a place value chart to help you order the decimal numbers and compare them accurately. Remember to fill in any empty squares with zero as a place value holder. We will review some of the answers at 3pm.


For writing, you will be beginning the introduction of Edmund's diary today. Remember, you will be writing from Edmund's perspective. The beginning of your diary should be a descriptive summary of the day's experience. Powerful, dramatic words will be needed. Briefly mention why it feels that way. Don't forget, you will write the detail in the paragraphs to come. 

You need to remember to use first person and past tense to describe things that happened, and present tense to describe what you are feeling right now. 



                                                    12th August 1986

Dear Diary,

Astonishing and ridiculous. That's how I can describe today. 


Please use the success criteria given yesterday to help you write. We will upload an example paragraph at 3pm. 


For SPAG, revise modal verbs, using them in your own sentences and practise your spelling words. 


Finally, for Geography, you will be looking at how to read a 4 point or 6 point grid. A purpose of learning about these grids is that so if you ever, in the future, are out and about in a postcode which you don't know, giving grid references to someone can help narrow down the location so it's easier to find you. This may prove very handy to know in the future. 

You will need to read the grid from the Eastings (x axis) to the Northings (y axis). 

With 6 point grids, you need to imagine that the one box is broken into smaller squares- 10 x 10 and each 1 part is like a decimal part. E.g: 32.4 - but it is read as 324 instead. Put the references together, you will have 6 figures (e.g: 324, 632). 6 figure grids provide more precise locations. 

Please use this explanation to complete your geography tasks online. 


If you are unsure about anything, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Bhudia, who can forward questions to the relevant teachers. 


Happy learning!


From Miss Begum