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Thursday's Learning

Good afternoon Year 1,


It's Ms Begum once againsmiley. I hope you have enjoyed the challenges that we have set you today.

When you edited your writing did you check for:

  •  neat handwriting

  •  capital letters

  •  finger spaces

  •  correct punctuation (full stops and exclamation marks)

  • adjectives to describe your fantasy pet’s appearance and personality.

Don’t forget, re-reading our writing is a key skill for writers as it makes us edit our sentences so it’s more readable.

We are sure you have made changes to make your writing even better. Give yourself a pat on the back for your beautiful piece of writing. 

We would like to read your pieces of writing so do email your writing to us.

Have a good evening!


Good morning Year 1,

It's Ms Begumsmiley. I hope you are all ready for another day of exciting learning. Today you will need to follow the time table and complete the tasks that have been set.


We can't wait to read about your favourite toy coming to life.

But, before we can do that, you need to re-read your writing and think about how you can make your sentences amazing. So, grab your writing tools now.....and off you go!


Maths is a tricky one today so you will need to use all of the skills we have practised so far to help you. Make sure you check the examples that we have shown you if you are finding it challenging.

Today in Maths, you will be looking at capacity and volume.  Watch the video first and then follow the instructions to answer the questions linked to your activity.

Also, ensure that you use the key vocabulary. Don’t forget you can pause the video at any time to check your understanding.

If you have any problems please ask your parents or email us. I'll check on you again in the afternoon. Have fun!