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Thursday's Learning

Hello Year 1, I’m back again J

I’m sure you’ve had a good day’s learning and ready for some down time to relax.

I have received lots of learning from Azul class on seesaw and I want to see lots more from all of my class. In fact all the Year 1 teachers want to see lots more learning from their classes. You may even want to just say hello and tell us how you are feeling or post a message about your day… come on don’t be shy!

You will all be experts at recognising, finding and drawing halves and knowing the mathematical vocabulary of halving. Ms Satnarine was teasing you about pizzas …that will be tomorrow’s activity but did you notice in the maths activity today, the numbers you could half were in the 2 times table and that they were all even numbers? The numbers that could not be halved were all odd numbers. I bet some of you did notice!

OK, so you have a new non-fiction book all about fire fighters. Did you make sure you read it carefully or someone was there to read it to you? I particularly liked all the pictures in the book because it helped me to see and understand what fire fighters do.

Did you find all the information you needed about a fire fighter’s clothing? There was a heading called ‘safe clothes,’ in the book where it informed you all about their clothing and why they wear it. Can’t wait to read your information or see your drawings!

Wasn’t Florence Nightingale amazing? How horrible were hospitals before she came along and made improvements! Most of us have been in hospitals at some stage. Think about how clean, bright and big they are now with nurses, doctors and many more people to help make everyone better.

I’m off to look at more of your learning … have a lovely evening and remember to read a Bug book before bedtime.



Good morning Year 1 J

I hope you are all feeling well and ready for a new day. I slept very well and ready to tell you all about what you will be learning today. Oh, I forgot to say my name. I wonder which teacher is talking to you today...? Well I have red hair; I am fairly tall and love CHOCOLATES! Yes, you have guessed, it’s Ms Satnarine.

Maths is all about halves and I know many of you have got better understanding of halving and recognising a half. Knowing how to write it as a fraction, what it means and using the correct halving vocabulary when explaining your learning…it can be quite tricky, but surely by the end of the week, I believe we’ll all get a better understanding.

Today, you are going to be introduced to a quarter as well as continue to work on halves. It is a fun activity and it takes my mind to cutting PIZZAS into halves and quarters.

Did you know that it was Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday yesterday and it was recognised around the world?

Today in your history activity, you would discuss her contribution and impact she made on hospitals. She must have been a real heroine because she influenced so many people like nurses and changed hospitals for the better and helped women to have a voice. I feel I’m giving you a history lesson right now.

Talking about superheroes, fire fighters are definitely real life ones. They have to wear a certain uniform to protect themselves and you are going to investigate what they are. Some of you may want to become a fire-fighter when you are an adult… wouldn’t that be amazing?

I love to exercise as it helps me to concentrate and of course it keeps me fit, so keep up the exercising and make it an all family activity!

I can see you’re doing SPaG, phonics and Bug club so keep that will help you be ready for year 2.

Enough talking from me for now...I’ve got to check my seesaw account. There should be lots of learning from my class and I’m sure all the other teachers will say the same.

I’ll check in later … happy learning 😊