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Thursday's Learning

Important - Use Seesaw to share your learning with your teacher!


Download the Seesaw Class app. Use the 12-digit personal text code, sent via email.

Your child can then share their learning with their teacher and receive feedback.

Hello Year 1,

It's Miss Hagger again laugh!

How was your day? We hope the learning wasn't too tricky today, I know you’re all working so hard and we can't wait to read your published biographies and autobiographies.

Did you check all of your learning today for neat handwriting (with ascenders and descenders)? I'm sure it's fabulous. Great job!


Please make sure you’re still reading as much as you can either alone or to the people in your house and writing a review for your books as we'll be celebrating our best readers tomorrow.


Have a nice early night to make sure you're fresh and ready for tomorrow. We’re still missing you all lots, perhaps you could send some lovely photo’s of today’s learning to Mrs Coffie? I’ve even got a secret challenge for you all... why don’t you pull a funny face as well. That’ll be sure to make us all giggle and smile! 


See you tommorow Year 1! 




Good Morning Year 1laugh,

How are you all? Just a quick one to say hello and a personal little message from me. I have enjoyed looking at your learning that you have done at home, and can’t wait to be able to see more of it – especially with some interesting new developments on the way (keep your eyes and ears peeled). The dedication to your learning really does make my heart happy – and I know the other teachers feel the same. We are all so proud of you all.

Follow the timetable to complete your learning for today and remember to email it all over to Mrs Coffie at the end of the day so we can celebrate it on the website.


Don’t forget to log on to Bug club, My Maths, TTRockstar and Purple Mash for additional learning activities, and to help your brains grow extra big. I’ve got an extra challenge for you as well – I want to see if some children can get some book reviews completed. I’m a bit bored of the books I have read so far and would like some recommendations!

Hope you have a fantastic day and I will be back at 3.00pm to see how you got on with your learning. Keep smiling guys!


Have fun,

Miss Hagger