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Thursday's Learning

Hello Year 1,

It's Miss Hagger again laugh!

How was your day? Did you spend some time outside? We hope the learning wasn't too tricky today, I know you’re all working so hard!  We can't wait to find out what the problem was in your story, I hope it wasn't too problematic for your characters and they have an opportunity to sort things out at the end.

Did you check all of your learning today for neat handwriting (with ascenders and descenders)? I'm sure it's fabulous and we can't wait to read them. 


Please make sure you’re still reading as much as you can either alone or to the people in your house. Have a nice early night to make sure you're fresh and ready for tomorrow. We’re still missing you all lots, perhaps you could send some lovely photo’s of today’s learning to Mrs Coffie? I’ve even got a secret challenge for you all... why don’t you pull a funny face as well. That’ll be sure to make us all giggle and smile! 


See you tommorow Year 1! 










Good morning Year 1laugh
 It's Thursday, which means we're halfway through the week!
It's Miss Hagger here and just wanted to remind you that you are all doing fantastic. We are all so proud of how adaptable you've been considering things are a little bit weird at the moment. We hope you've done your Joe Wicks workout this morning and are feeling awake and ready for a new day of lessons. There's a new Writing challenge for you today, we can't wait to read your stories when you finish them at the end of the week. Make sure to take your time to understand the Maths today, as it might be a little bit tricky.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch should you need our support. I'll check on how you got on today in the afternoon.


Good luck!