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Thursday's Learning

Afternoon Message

Good afternoon Year 4!


We hope that you have had another day excellent day of learning.


How did you find your Maths lesson today? I hope you enjoyed making up your own 3-digit place value chart word problem and that members of your family had fun solving it for you? Remember don’t forget to keep practising your times tables with TTRockstars on a daily basis. Have a go at the soundcheck to challenge yourself daily.


Did you enjoy revising all that you know about Haiku poems? I am sure it has inspired you to read and write more haiku poetry throughout the Easter break!


I feel positive that after watching the video on the Great Barrier Reef, all of you were impressed by this great underwater city, whose buildings are alive with millions of small creatures whose lives are intimately and intricately connected!


Lastly, look after yourselves, remember to exercise daily with Joe Wicks and stay safe.

 Ms Dworniak and the Year 4 Team.



Good morning Year 4!


Let’s get ready for our important learning today! Hope that you are all well and are keeping safe!

Remember when reading today, ensure you have understood the vocabulary and research new and unfamiliar words so you know exactly what they mean.

Today in maths you will be practising representing hundredths on a place value grid. The great thing about remote learning is that if you don’t understand something you press pause, go back and play it again. When you get to question six I would try writing down various number combinations, this may help you see the answer if you don’t recognise it at first. Also, after completing question six try making up your own 3-digit place value chart word problem and ask a member of your family to solve it for you.

In geography, you will be watching an amazing video about the Great Barrier Reef. Whilst watching remember to pause and make notes on key facts and points that interest you.

In writing, you will be revising what you have learnt about haiku poems. Go back over the videos and watch them again if you need to.

Here is a lovely environmental haiku called Winter’s Laden Misty Rains that I would like to share with you. It is written by James Edward Lee Sr.


dip, dip, dip, dip, dip;

drizzle dip drizzle dip dip;

moisture fallen drowns;

rainwater winters;

a heavy, little mist falls;

betrayed by the rain;

winters rainwater;

an early, little mist falls;

dip-dip-dips the rain;

Ms Dworniak and the Year 4 team.