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Thursday's Learning

Dear Children,

Yes! We made it! We have come to the end of the school year in Year 1 and we'll be in Year 2 soon.  What a year it has been! In these challenging circumstances, all of you have shown great determination, dedication and motivation, completing your daily learning to a high standard. You have risen to the challenge and your attitude towards your learning has been highly exceptional. We are so proud of your achievements.


It is now time for us to take a break, relax and enjoy the sunshine and we know that this summer holidays would feel a little bit different this year and that many of you might not travel for your holidays, but hey...there are still lots of fun things to do. So keep ourselves busy and stay safe.

Lots of love, Mrs Coffieheart



I have had such a lovely time in year 1. I wish you all the best in Year 2. Keep up the fantastic learning and don’t forget us laugh

Ms Satnarine X



It’s time to say, “Good- Bye.” Our year has come to an end. I have made so many cherished memories and I hope you have too. I’ve watched you all learn and grow, and change from day to day. I hope that all the things we’ve done, have helped in some small way.

So, it’s with happy memories, I send you out the door, with great hope and expectations, for what next year holds in store. Just remember…you are all very special.



Ms Begum



We made it! End of the year! You are AMAZING! I am so incredibly proud to have worked in year 1 this year and seen just how incredibly resilient and determined our children are. You have made us so proud every single day and I know you will continue to do that for your year 2 teachers and beyond! Congratulations and I will miss you ALL.


Lots of love,

Miss Haggerheart


Finally! We are at the end of the year and I must say what a brilliant year it has been with you all, even when we all faced situations where many of you have been at home and have not come to school. However, you remained determined and continued to send your learning to your teachers on Seesaw. I hope you enjoy your summer break and have lots of rest and fun. Carry on with all your hard work and be the best that you can be.


Take Care

Ms Jawaher