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Thursday's Learning

Hello again Year 1s, 


How did you get on with today’s learning?  Did you use your arithmetic skills to find the answer to the sums?


In Writing I hope you remembered to include time conjunctions as well as detail to write Hassan’s account of what happened. I’m pleased to say some children in school were able to write a detailed account after listening to the story again.  


Did you have fun researching a human feature in Geography? I’m looking forward to hear about the facts you found out.


Remember your teachers look forward and are excited to read your work so don’t forget to post it on See Saw.


Bye for now

Enjoy the rest of the day.                                              


A  BIG Bubbly Good morning Year 1s,

Welcome back to another day of fun learning. Why not start your day off with one of Joe Wick’s invigorating work outs to get your body and mind energised ready for today’s learning.


Once your  ready to go start with Phonics, use your knowledge of special friends and split digraphs to help you read the words.  Developing your phonic knowledge is important as it will help you to read and write which I know you all want to impress yourselves and teachers with so get sounding, Oh and don’t forget the SPaG and handwriting.  


Our text in Writing this week The Colour of Home, what an interesting book. We have learnt a lot about the life of a refugee through the eyes of Hassan and his experiences what an emotional journey.  Well today you will use your knowledge to help you write about his experience.   


In Maths it was great to see and know you had fun developing your time reading skills, well done to you all. Today Maths is slightly different you will have to put your numbers skill to the TEST so Good Luck!  


I know your still in the race to become a reading champion so remember to read 2 books, complete a book review and post them on Seesaw.


Bye for now, I’ll check on you again in the afternoon.

Have a great day.  

Mrs Jean-Baptiste