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Thursday's Learning

Hello again Year 1, laugh


I trust you had an enjoyable day of learning. So how did you get on?

I know you are keeping fit with Joe Wicks P.E sessions every morning.


How did you get on with comparing and describing time? Who was the fastest in the first race? Who was the slowest?


The focus of your writing today was to write the end of the story. How did the characters solve the problems? How did it make them feel? What did they do to solve it? Did they work alone or with someone else helping them?


When you did your writing task today did you check for:

  •  neat handwriting
  •  capital letters
  •  finger spaces
  •  correct punctuation (full stops and exclamation marks)
  • adjectives to make your writing more exciting
  • conjunctions to extend your sentences.

Have you all used your beautiful handwriting in your writing today? Are all your ascenders, descenders, upper-case and lower-case letters formed correctly? Don’t forget to take photos of your fantastic learning and upload onto SEESAW to discuss with your teachers.

Finally, please remember to continue reading and practise your times tables on TTrockstars.

Well done for completing another day of fantastic learning.


I hope you all have a lovely evening and get plenty of sleep ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Thinking of you all.


Lots of love, heart

Ms Begum

Good morning Year 1s, laugh


How are you all? I hope you have all been getting on ok!

I hope you are still enjoying exercising with Joe Wicks.

For maths today, you will be looking at how to compare, describe and solve practical problems for time. So, you will need to describe and compare how long something takes to happen.

Writing is very interesting today. You will be writing the ending of your story. You will need your story map to help you. Focus on the end two boxes, where the problem is solved and everyone is happy. Remember to use all your writing tools so your story is readable and interesting.


Try to read and write at least two book reviews everyday and share with your class teachers on SEESAW. Your book reviews will be celebrated on the Reading Champions celebration page, where a winner will be chosen every Friday. So, there is time for you all to get all those reviews in.


Thank you to all those children and their parents who are uploading their learning. We are looking forward to seeing and discussing your learning with you. Remember to focus on your handwriting and your presentation as much as actual work.


Don’t forget to log on to Bug club, My Maths, TTRockstar and Purple Mash for additional learning activities.


Remember to be on your best behaviour and eat lots of healthy food and stay hydrated!

Have a great day! yes

Ms Begum